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Truckwin Dispatch - LoadBoard

TruckWin Dispatch System is bar none the most efficient and easy to use system in the country. This feature rich system has helped hundreds of trucking companies run and grow successfully around the country. By always evolving and improving, TruckWin will simplify your operations, increase efficiencies, and reduce your costs. Net result: keeping everything running smooth and everyone happy.

Key Functions:
  • Order Entry
  • Frequent Orders
  • Load Rate Board
  • Available and Dispatched Load Management
  • LTL Load capability
  • Dispatch Trips
  • Dispatch White Board
  • Pending Board (Available Loads)
  • Color Coding
  • Trip Tracking
  • Movement Tracking Reports
  • Trailer Tracking and Inventory
  • Tractor Tracking and Inventory
  • Delivery Receipt
  • Carrier/Customer Confirmations
  • Trip Mileage and Routing
  • Supports Split Trips
  • Supports Team Drivers
  • Integrated Mapping *
  • Apply Revenue
  • Call In Control Information
  • Maintenance Report (Trailer/Tractor)
  • Revenue Report by Dispatcher and Driver
  • Integrated Driver Advance/Fuel System
  • Ability to Import Fuel Card Purchases
  • Ability to Add Additional Stops and Drops

*Integrates with ProMiles or PCMiler

  • Improved Asset Utilization
  • Reduced Truck Deadhead
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Driver Retention
  • Improved Profitability
  • Increase Potential Volume
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Carrier Relations
  • Increase Internal Productivity
  • Improve Staff Retention
System Features:
  • Stand Alone, Web-Based, and Network Options
  • Integrates with Mileage Programs: ProMiles and PCMiler
  • Help and Training Access
  • Audit Trail
  • A Dispatch and Accounting Package with Integration to General Ledger
  • Off Site Database Backup
  • Access or SQL Database
  • Accounting Assistance Available
  • Annual Upgrades/Enhancements

Freight BillingBack to top

Truckwin Freight Billing
Key Functions
  • Order Entry
  • Accessorial Billing
  • Customizable Invoice Formats*
  • Batch or Individual Invoice Printing
  • Consolidated Billing for Customers
  • PDF Invoices
  • Customer Credit Control
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Reversed Freight Bills
  • Automatic Invoice Numbering
  • Billing History Data
  • Un-posted Billing Feature
  • Claims Pending Flag
  • Paperwork Received Flag with Date
  • Color Coding Paperwork Received
  • Utility to Change Customer on a Posted Bill
  • Ability for Alternate Payment Address for Customers
  • Customizable Billing Method List

* Additional Fee applies

Revenue SettlementsBack to top

Truckwin Revenue Settlement
Key Functions
  • Owner Operator/Carrier Settlements
  • Driver Advance Settlements
  • Deductions and Reimbursements
  • Standard Deductions
  • 1099 Printing
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Owner Operator/Carrier Aging Report
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Revenue Settlement History
  • Print Payment History
  • Print Trips Payable at a Certain Date
  • Ability to Void Posted Revenue Settlement Check
  • Ability to add 1099 Adjustments
  • Ability to change Lessor/Carrier ID in History
  • Print Labels

Accounts PayableBack to top

Truckwin Accounts Payable
Key Functions
  • Invoice Entry
  • Quick Check Writing
  • Accounts Payable Term Table
  • Vendor History Reports
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Cash Activity Report
  • Invoice Aging Report
  • 1099 Printing
  • Print Invoices Payable at a Certain Date
  • Print Labels
  • Ability to Void an Accounts Payable Check
  • Ability to Enter 1099 Adjustments
  • Ability to Change a Vendor ID in History
  • Reminder Window for Payments Due Dates

Accounts ReceivableBack to top

Truckwin Accounts Receivable
Key Functions
  • Cash Receipts
  • Prepayments
  • Finance Charges
  • Ability to Enter a Non-Trip Invoice
  • Address for Customer Statements
  • Aging Report
  • Aging List
  • Adjustment Report
  • Cash Receipt Activity
  • Invoice Journal
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Print Labels
  • Print Statements for Customers with Balances
  • Projected Cash Flow
  • Credit Limit for Customers

PayrollBack to top

Truckwin Payroll
Key Functions
  • Customizable Employee (Pay) Types
  • Customizable Deductions
  • Standard Deductions
  • Employee Groups
  • Federal Tax Table
  • State Tax Tables
  • Local Tax Tables
  • Per Diem Capabilities
  • Driver Advances/Settlements on Advances
  • State Local Withholding Report
  • State Unemployment Tax Report
  • Form 941 (Federal Withholding and FICA)
  • Form 940 (Federal Unemployment)
  • W-2 Printing
  • Workmans Compensation Report
  • Employee Earnings Register
  • Driver Settlements
  • Payroll History
  • Estimated Trip Profit Report
  • Employee Earnings Summary
  • Summary of Payroll Report by Date Range
  • Void a Payroll Check
  • Direct Deposit Available
  • Ability to add Year-to-Date Payroll Information
  • Print Labels

General LedgerBack to top

Truckwin General Ledger
Key Functions
  • Integrated with the other TruckWin Modules
  • Quick Check Writing
  • Quick Deposits
  • Accountants Copy of Database
  • Void a General Ledger Check
  • Year End Closing
  • Customizable Chart of Accounts
  • Cash Activity Report
  • Ledger Reports
  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet With Variance
  • Income Statement
  • Per Mile Income Statement
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Trial Balance
  • Journals
  • Year-to-Date Comparative Financial Statements
  • Balance Control Check when Entering General Ledger

Fuel TaxBack to top

Truckwin Fuel Tax

Fuel Taxes streamlines fuel and mileage record keeping by providing precise calculations for your tax liability. IFTA reporting requirements are satisfied and historical data is at your fingertips.

Key Functions
  • Compatible with Mileage Program Integration
  • Fuel Card Import Compatible
  • Customizable State Rate Tables
  • Tractor/State Cross Reference Report
  • Tractor MPG Listing for Fleet
  • Percentage of Mile/Fuel by State
  • Detailed Report by Tractor then State
  • Detailed Report by State then Tractor
  • Fleet Summary by State Report
  • Road Tax Report
  • Station Totals by Tractor Report
  • Analysis of Loaded/Unloaded Miles Report
  • Station Total by State Report
  • Reefer Gallons Report

MaintenanceBack to top

Truckwin Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is built right into TruckWin providing a complete, balanced solution for running your trucking business. It’s the ideal component for staying on top of equipment repairs, routine inspections and shop inventories.

Key Functions
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Repair History
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Unplanned Maintenance
  • Maintenance Records
  • Estimates and Repair Orders
  • Work Orders

Management ReportsBack to top

Key Functions
  • Standard Reports: Customer, Tractor, Trailer, Driver, Vendor, etc.
  • Deleted Trips Report
  • Driver Advance Reports
  • Trip Pay/Driver Advance Comparison Report
  • Driver Instructions
  • Equipment Status Report
  • Estimated Gross Profit Report
  • Lessor Summary Report
  • Load Summary Report
  • Maintenance Report (Tractor/Trailer)
  • Movement Tracking Report (Tractor/Trailer/Driver)
  • Pallet Report
  • Billed Weight Report
  • Recent Customer Report
  • Revenue Reports:
    • Revenue Per Mile
    • Revenue by Dispatcher
    • Revenue by Driver
    • Revenue by Driver and Splits
    • Revenue by Tractor
    • Billed Revenue by Invoice
    • Billed Revenue by Invoice/Miles
    • Revenue by Salesman
    • Revenue by Tractor With Billing Method
  • Split Trip Report
  • Trip Pending List Report
  • Completed Trip Report
  • Actual vs. Scheduled Date and Times
  • Origin/Destination Search Report
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Trailer Inspection Report
  • Trailers Not Used Recently Report
  • Gallons Report by Billing Method, Tractor, and State
  • Labels:
    • Annual Inspection Labels
    • Customer List
    • Employee List
    • Lessor List
    • Vendor List

Fuel Card IntegrationBack to top

Truckwin Fuel Card Integration

Most companies offer fuel cards, but TruckWin takes it to the next level by integrating your card data directly into the accounting systems and recording the transactions in the General Ledger. The fuel card integration will eliminate the need to manually enter each fuel card purchase or advance. This will improve efficiency and eliminate human error.

Key Functions
  • Fuel purchases will be posted into the Fuel Tax module of Truckwin automatically
  • Track reefer gallons
  • Easy color key to follow for conflicts with downloading
  • Ability to attach fuel purchases and advances to a particular trip
  • Automatically creates driver/lessor deductions when applicable
  • Import fuel information from the top fuel card companies including:
    • TCH
    • CT-Chek
    • Comdata
    • Fleet One/Transplatinum
    • EFS
    • Multiservices
    • Viastar

Mileage and Routing IntegrationBack to top

Truckwin Mileage and Routing Integration

Mileage and Routing are critical for any company. By integrating this key component into TruckWin software, you are assured that all your bases are covered in one seamless solution. Having your routes and mileage found for you will eliminate the need to manually run the miles for each trip. This will save you time and let your dispatchers concentrate on moving freight, rather than running miles.

Key Functions
  • Integrations with two of the top mileage programs
  • Ability to calculate deadhead miles
  • Ability to set alternate mileage routes if driver goes off course
  • Ability in Truckwin to bill one set of miles, and pay the driver with a different set of miles
  • Mileage data will be posted into the Fuel Tax module broken down by state
  • Ability to view a map and route with some mileage programs
  • Options for route lookup for billing vs. Fuel Tax (shortest, practical, National network, toll discouraged)
  • Option to look up lessor miles